Snow globe

It’s my first proper winter!

I got caught in a minor snow flurry yesterday, with stinging cold wind and snowflake clumps whipping horizontally into my face. It was like being in a snow globe! But not quite as yuletide picturesque as those kitschy toys usually are… The forecast says more flurries and heavy snowfall tonight, courtesy polar vortex and a storm following through.

Happily, the long down jacket I panic-purchased on Amazon Prime during the first autumnal chilliness is holding up surprisingly well, so long as I layer a couple sweaters or a thick hoodie underneath. It’s no fashion statement—rather, not a statement I want to be making—but function wins over aesthetic here and I am resigned to looking like a hobo for the next few months.

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One thought on “Snow globe

  1. Global warming works in mysterious ways. I do not get why this winter is so harsh. I’m supposed to fly to NYC for the first time and I’m going to tell mother nature to melt it all. Props on the early morning runs at the gym, I wish I had your mind-body determination. I hope you’ve managed to unpack more and so forth.

    But in response to this post, let’s be honest, hobo or not, you are easily one of the most eligible bachelorettes in NYC. Millennials are pragmatists when it comes to fit-wear and comfortable attire always won in tech I suppose?

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