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August 2023

Techdirt Podcast
Episode 360: Can Interoperability Be Mandated?

July 2023

Reimagining the Internet
82. Twitter Blocked Tracy Chou’s Anti-Harassment App. Now She Wants to Fix Your Browser.

June 2023

She Built an App to Block Harassment on Twitter. Elon Musk Killed It

May 2023

Une Femme Wines
Hall of Femme Honoree: With Block Party, Tracy Chou Is Making Social Media a Safer Place

March 2023

Tech’ed Up with Niki Christoff
Bye Trolls

January 2023

Firewall with Bradley Tusk
See Ya, Trolls

November 2022

HerMoney from Jean Chatzky
How to Protect Yourself from Online Harassment

September 2022

Block Party, a tool to combat online harassment, raises a $4.8M seed

The Webby Awards
6 Questions with Webby Executive Judge Tracy Chou, CEO of Block Party

March 2022

Social Media Platforms Failed to Tackle Abuse. So Tracy Chou Stepped In

Non-Technical Podcast
Tracy Chou (Founder & CEO, Block Party) literally has the (email) receipts

February 2022

The Lawfare Podcast: Is Block Party the Future of Content Moderation?

January 2022

Tracy Chou gikk lei nett-troll som ødela hverdagen. Hun laget en app for å temme dem

December 2021

Twitter Developer Platform
Block Party: Building a safer online experience

November 2021

Fast Company
Inside the life of a tech activist: abuse, gaslighting, but ultimately optimism

Reimagining the Internet 
Tracy Chou, Block Party

Business Insider
9 women-led startups raising millions to fight harassment that need to be on your radar

Diversity Woman
Three Women Reshaping Silicon Valley

October 2021

Techdirt Podcast
Episode 302: Creating A New Social Media Ecosystem With Middleware

May 2021

The Stack Overflow Podcast
Blocking the haters as a service

Süddeutsche Zeitung
Die Frau, die das Internet entgiften will

Wer ist die Frau, die das Internet entgiften will?

April 2021

Here’s how to fix online harassment. No, seriously

Fast Company
Tracy Chou’s Block Party is fighting online trolls—and the startup ecosystem itself

March 2021

We Need to Fix Anti-Harassment Tooling with Tracy Chou and Chloe Condon

February 2021

NPR All Things Considered
Block Party Aims To Be A ‘Spam Folder’ For Social Media Harassment

The Verge
Why social networks need better blocking tools

Techdirt Podcast
Episode 268: A New Approach To Fighting Online Harassment

January 2021

What Tracy Chou learned about online harassment while building an app to solve it

ABC7 News
Stanford grad creates Block Party app to filter out Twitter trolls

Tracy Chou launches Block Party to combat online harassment and abuse
Who is an investor and how is that changing?

Mused Mondays
Tracy Chou: Block Party and How to Handle Online Harassment

December 2020

Vanity Fair
“You Become Hostage to Their Worldview”: The Murky World of Moderation on Clubhouse, a Playground for the Elite

November 2020

The Information
The Underside of Silicon Valley’s Co-Founder Mantra

August 2020

FT Magazine
How to close the gender pay gap: solutions from Sheryl Sandberg, Kathy Matsui and more

On Diversity, Silicon Valley Failed to Think Different

Celebrating 5 Women Who Are Changing the Face of Tech

July 2020

The Clip Out
Episode 165: Peloton 2020 is Underway plus our interview with Tracy Chou

Keke Magazine
Meet Tracy Chou, The Software Engineer and Entrepreneur Advocating for More Diversity in Tech

February 2020

Fast Company
Muting Twitter trolls doesn’t always work. This app could be a better way to block harassment

Tracy Chou’s app for blocking online harassment is in beta

Why Female Founders Will Outlast the Men

December 2019

Doist Blog
How Entrepreneur and Tech Diversity Advocate Tracy Chou Gets Things Done

Rock the Boat Podcast
Block Party: Tracy Chou

October 2019

Ellen Pao, Tracy Chou say they worry about tech’s negative impact, lack of values

June 2019

Smithsonian Magazine
The Gendered History of Human Computers

Future Forecast
Tracy Chou: The Battle for Diversity in Tech

March 2019

Wired UK
Inside the group fighting to purge sexism from Europe’s VCs

Elpha Spotlight Series
I’ve found emotional resilience to be an absolute requisite for all my work

January 2019

Uses This
Tracy Chou

September 2018

#MeToo Needs The Law’s Backing, Congress Told

MT Management Team
Tracy Chou: Waarom diversiteit gebaat is bij data

Strong Feelings
Show Me the Data with Tracy Chou

July 2018

The US Digital Service
USDS Alumni Network: Tracy Chou

June 2018

CNN Great Big Story
Breaking Silicon Valley’s Glass Ceiling

May 2018

The Stanford Daily
Tech panel addresses campus divide between so-called ‘techies’ and ‘fuzzies’

Notes on a Play for Four Bots

April 2018

Vogue Australia
Meet the software engineer whose call for gender diversity in tech has created lasting change

Stanford eCorner
Debugging the Brogrammer Culture

March 2018

Lopsided Gender Ratios in Tech Are Giving Women ‘Imposter Syndrome’

February 2018

The Atlantic
The Origins of Diversity Data in Tech

How We’ll Win—Silicon Valley engineer Tracy Chou: Stop saying that diversity means lowering the bar

LinkedIn Editors
Why Engineers Need a Humanities Background

The Framework Project
Tracy Chou

January 2018

The Atlantic Interview
Episode 10: A Silicon Valley engineer focused on uplifting women and underrepresented minorities in the tech industry

LinkedIn Editors
Creating Diversity in the Workplace Is Important – But Where Do You Start?

My Morning Routine
Tracy Chou

October 2017

Fast Company
“The Industry Is Fundamentally Broken”: Women On Sexism In Silicon Valley

Financial Times
How Silicon Valley learnt to love the liberal arts

Vanity Fair
A Google News Creator Calls Its Shooting Coverage “Shameful”

September 2017

Silicon Valley Magazine
Catalysts for Change

August 2017

MIT Technology Review
Bringing tech’s dismal diversity numbers out into the open.

Inside Intercom
Tracy Chou on startup engineering, inclusion and the liberal arts

NPR On Point
The Google Memo And Gender In Tech

NPR It’s Been a Minute
Weekly Wrap: “Simmer Down, Now.”

What Tracy Chou, A Programmer and Diversity In Tech Advocate, Found By ‘Just Looking At The Numbers’

July 2017

A leading Silicon Valley engineer explains why every tech worker needs a humanities education

World Economic Forum
Without the humanities, great tech cannot exist. Here’s why (cross-post)

An Engineer Who Worked at Google and Facebook Says This 1 Job Skill Is Highly Overlooked

Project Include on Medium
The moment Tracy Chou (@triketora) realized it wasn’t just her

Hellbent Podcast
Episode 43: Jesus Fucking Christ, Donald Trump, Jr. f/ Tracy Chou

May 2017

Tara&Co: Fashion Meets Function Convertible Bag

April 2017

Tech Alone Won’t Be Enough to Reboot Progressive Politics

March 2017

The Atlantic
Why Is Silicon Valley So Awful to Women?

February 2017

TechCrunch Include Crunchie Award goes to Project Include

The Big Salary Reveal: 12 Real People Discover What the Pay Gap Looks Like

January 2017

She’s Mercedes
Tracy Chou: Data-driven

Love Over Hate
I believe in America

November 2016

Hon fick Pinterest att dela jämställdhetsdata

October 2016

This Twenty-Something Forced Silicon Valley to ‘Show Her the Numbers’

September 2016

Stanford eCorner: Stanford Innovation Lab with Tina Seelig
A Deep Dive into Silicon Valley’s Diversity Challenges

August 2016

Newsroom Interview

Hack To Start
Episode 112

July 2016

Condé Nast
Daring 25

Business Insider
The Silicon Valley 100: Ranked 1 to 100

June 2016

The Establishment
The Women Behind The New Initiative Tackling Tech’s Diversity Crisis

Well, Technically (Podcast)
The Most Impact

May 2016

The New York Times
Women in Tech Band Together to Track Diversity, After Hours

What Happens When Artists And Technologists Work Together: Inside The Seven On Seven Conference

April 2016

Techies Project
Tracy Chou

“I had so many advantages, and I barely made it”: Pinterest engineer on Silicon Valley sexism

New York Magazine
Here’s a Dismal Reflection on What It’s Like to Be a Woman in Silicon Valley

Estuary Mag
Tracy Chou

Think Olga
Como as mulheres estão construindo o futuro

March 2016

Paper Magazine
Tracy Chou: The Advocate

Tory Burch Foundation
Words of Wisdom

#31Days of Feminism: Tracy Chou

Popular Mechanics
Why We Need Women in Tech

21 Women Disrupting Tech

Girls in Tech Taiwan
40 under 40 Women in Tech 2016

February 2016

Re/Code Radio: Too Embarrassed to Ask
Am I Too Old For Snapchat? (Guest: Tracy Chou, Pinterest)

January 2016

Reddit / Formative
Tracy Chou’s Formative Moment

U.S. CTO Megan Smith promotes Obama tech initiatives with help from Seattle techies

December 2015

Meeting the women of Silicon Valley: Software engineer Tracy Chou

Product Hunt Podcast
Episode 46: Tracy Chou

November 2015

San Francisco Magazine
Saluting 37 Soldiers of Social Change

October 2015

Fast Company
Inside Pinterest’s Plans To Fix Its Diversity Problem

Product Hunt Live
Tracy Chou

UNIQLO Fall/Winter Catalog
Solving for X

September 2015

Why We’re Still Talking About Diversity

Levo 100

August 2015

Tracy Chou Talks Increasing Diversity in Tech Ecosystem [Interview]

July 2015

Mother Jones
Meet the Engineer Who Forced Silicon Valley’s Gender Problem Into the Open

June 2015

Meet ELLE’s 2015 Women in Tech

Bloomberg West
The Push for Greater Diversity in Tech

May 2015

Quantifying Silicon Valley’s Diversity Issue

CNN Money
15 Questions with Tracy Chou

Fast Company
Most Creative People in Business

Business Insider
23 of the most powerful women engineers in the world

February 2015

LA Times
Why are women leaving the tech industry in droves?

周怡君 為矽谷女性爭平等

January 2015

a16z Podcast
Coding as Literacy

Women of Silicon Valley
Tracy Chou

One of Pinterest’s most important acquisitions happened because of a Stanford class and a dinner party

December 2014

The Sydney Morning Herald
How Pinterest engineer Tracy Chou is closing the Silicon Valley gender gap

November 2014

How Pinterest Engineer Tracy Chou is Breaking the Silicon Ceiling

How I Got My Start In Tech—Despite Myself

Business Insider
Meet The Female Pinterest Engineer Who Forced Tech Companies To Release Their Diversity Numbers

October 2014

Women In Tech Have Much Better Advice For “Male Allies”

August 2014

IEEE Spectrum
Engineer Tracy Chou Has the Stats on Workplace Diversity at Startups

July 2014

San Francisco Business Times
The female Pinterest engineer who pressed tech giants to air embarrassing diversity numbers

April 2014

Mochi Magazine
Want a Career in the Tech Field? Here’s How 3 Women Did It

March 2014

Refinery 29
Meet The Ladies Of Pinterest & Tour Their Rad HQ

Business Insider
Meet Pinterest’s Rockstar Women Engineers

January 2014

30 under 30: Technology

Offscreen Magazine
A Day in the Life of Tracy Chou

July 2013

Refinery 29
S.F.’s Rising Stars: 30 Under 30

April 2013

The Documentary

December 2012

獨家專訪 Pinterest 第十號員工- Tracy 周怡君

August 2012

The Next Web
The 8 women following Marissa Mayer to major CEO-dom

Business Insider
BEYOND MARISSA MAYER: 25 Powerful Women Engineers In Tech

May 2010
100 Passionate People: Tracy Chou – Software Engineer and Girl Geek