Outdoor running

One of the things I miss most about San Francisco is its perpetually perfect outdoor running weather: all year round, consistently just a tad bit grayer, windier, and colder than you’d like it to be if you weren’t ambulating in an expedited fashion, but precisely right if so. The downside of seasons in New York City is that some seasons are decidedly unfriendly to outdoor running. Now that it’s springtime it’s been fun to rediscover the joy of exploring different run paths. Bonus: recent travel has taken me to such fun new places to explore!


New York City


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2 thoughts on “Outdoor running

  1. I’m a runner and I’m not sure if this is funny or sad. Looking at your great pictures normal people would be drawn to the beautiful content. However since there are running stats on them my eye is drawn to your distance and pace right away!

    I’m from SE Wisconsin and fall is about the best time of year to run here. Cooler temps and leaves are changing. Trail runs through the woods are fantastic! Winters are typically cold, spring is wet and summer is hot!

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