Please don’t tell me to celebrate hate

White and Asian men picking fights with those of us that are truly horrified and terrified by the specter of a Trump presidency and what that means for the marginalized, telling us we need to celebrate democracy and “be open” to those who are gleefully hateful and intolerant, who are proudly racist and sexist and xenophobic and Islamophobic and homophobic and all sorts of other awful: Please. Just. Stop.

Yes, the way to move forward as a country is through love and compassion and empathy and coming together and bridging differences. I truly believe that. But there is also a wrong side of history. The hate and bullying that the sheer fact of Trump’s election has condoned and normalized is wrong. It’s not just a difference of opinion. It’s wrong. Many of the legislative and judicial changes imminent with his presidency will be, too. (You can call me selfish but I’m afraid of losing my own reproductive rights, the ability to decide issues about my own body, ffs… And not to mention the rights about to be denied so many other marginalized groups.)

I know there’s more to it. Not everyone who voted for Trump is racist and sexist and homophobic, and taking a condescending tone of liberal elitism doesn’t help. I know. But those of you trying to play at being on a moral high ground for telling me that I should embrace and celebrate the democratic election of a hateful demagogue, telling me I’m the one being divisive: Please, stop.

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One thought on “Please don’t tell me to celebrate hate

  1. We live in interesting times and to make America great again: diversity, inclusion and equal leadership must take place. If this is meant to become your life’s work, you have a lot of support, allies and friends. It’s an emotional time and you are living at the center of diversity itself, so take heart. You are in a unique position to leverage the potential of a better future.

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