A hiker has no name

On the trail, we knew each other by nationality and traveling companions: The Malaysian couple. The Brit, solo. The American family. The two Danish friends. In the suspension of our normal identities and lives and the world beyond the trail, we didn’t need names. We breakfasted and supped and overnighted together for four days and everyone was unfailingly friendly and conversational and yet there was no awkwardness about being nameless to each other. At the end, there were some brief belated exchanges of first names by way of simultaneous introduction and farewell, but no exhortations to stay in touch — just well wishes in upcoming travel and pleasant wave offs in appreciation of companionship for the few days we shared.

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2 thoughts on “A hiker has no name

  1. Seems to me ‘just well wishes’ with no names is cold after four days together… but that’s just me I guess. I’ve made some very good friends on the trail… friendships that have lasted years. With others, where there’s no connection, I’ll often go nameless, or we hike together only a short time and part ways. I value a good connection, a new friend… some do last.

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